Intelligent Data Discovery Platform

for Machine Vision

Make TBs of perception data searchable without moving them

Vision engineers waste a significant amount of their time in finding the right datasets amongst a sea of raw data. SCENEBOX is our solution to this problem.

Main Benefits

Reduce ML Product Time-to-Market

Build Models, Not Pipelines

Build Better Training Datasets Faster

Search Any Data

SCENEBOX's sensor fusion engine allows for discovering raw data across multiple sources. For example, it allows for complex queries such as:

"Give me all LiDAR scenes where a car and a pedestrian were observed from a side camera and where the vehicle has a speed larger than 50 km/h".





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Vision Output


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Getting Started


Use our platform for your use-case with any perception stack. Let us improve your data operations significantly.


We support you through the initial setup process by guiding you on the best data practices for perception applications.

Ongoing Support

We continually provide updates and give you the ability to add new functionality to your existing data operations. 

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