We are committed to simplifying machine learning (ML) workflow management for perception-heavy applications such as automated drones, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and video surveillance. By focusing on finding the most valuable training data our flagship product, SceneBox, helps perception teams to significantly reduces ML product time to market.


Write graceful code and build artisan solutions to release the magic of AI in everyday life


Create an automated perception


High Caliber

We believe great things happen when great minds come together. Our team of AI practitioners and entrepreneurs have a passion for unlocking the magic of AI in everyday life.

Yaser Khalighi, PhD
Founder & Tech Lead
Atefeh Khoshnood, PhD
Machine Learning Engineer
Patrick Cho
Senior Software Engineer
Jonathan La
Software Engineer
Mohsen Khalkhali
Strategy & Business Development

Job Opportunities

Work in the heart of Silicon Valley or in beautiful Vancouver, take your pick!

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