Our Story


We started Caliber Data Labs with the goal of bringing production readiness to machine learning (ML) research and applications as we observed a widening gap between ML development in academia and their applicability in production environments.

In this journey, we found a common pain-point in perception teams.  In order to build smart machines, machine learning experts often utilize a vast amount of unstructured data to train and validate deep learning models and tailor them to specific applications. This exercise relies on the availability of advanced data operations platforms that enable engineers to collect and prioritize large volumes of perception data.  ML teams spend massive amounts of capital and time to build and maintain these data platforms.

Our flagship product, SCENEBOX  is Caliber Data Labs' response to the need of the market for a turn-key perception data operations platform.  SCENEBOX helps perception teams to build better training datasets faster, enables them to focus on core machine learning tasks rather than data operations, and significantly reduces time to market for perception products.

Empower perception teams by streamlining data operations at scale

Our Mission

Enable machines to intelligently acquire data to become smarter  

Our Vision
Our Values

High Caliber

Our Team

We believe great things happen when great minds come together. Our team of ML practitioners and entrepreneurs have a passion for unlocking the magic of ML in everyday life.

Yaser Khalighi, PhD

Founder & CEO

Atefeh Khoshnood, PhD

Head of Machine Learning

Arman Mazhari

Business Development


Sunil Nagaraj

Board Member


Ajay Varia

Technical Advisor


Jeff Varick

Strategic Advisor


Nima Kondori

Machine Learning Engineer

Vedaad Shakib cryptodiffer.png

Vedaad Shakib

Machine Learning Engineer


Minzhi Liao

Software Engineer

Pratik Gujjar

ML Platform Engineer

Yaser Khalighi, PhD

Founder & CEO

Atefeh Khoshnood, PhD

Head of Machine Learning

Arman Mazhari

Business Development

Investors & Partners

Job Opportunities

We are always looking for A-players that are passionate about learning and thrive to best themselves every single day.

If what we do excites you, reach out to us.